Every innovation process has to overcome some obstacles. We found out that the major issues are the fear of getting your idea stolen, missing Know-How or the lack of a right team. This is what we are going to change!

The Wieblebub vision is to create an online platform, on which innovative minds can extend and spread their knowledge, secure their intellectual property and find talented companions to make their idea reality. 

Innovative ideas can be found all around the world. 

But where do these ideas come from in the first place?
We found our own answer to that question.

The origin of ideas

Our universe is strange and unique. And it all started with the Big Bang many billions of years ago. Have you ever asked yourself, what has been before the birth of the universe? There is a theory in physics, which claims to have an answer to that question. A physicist named Roger Penrose stated in his theory that our universe is cyclic. This means that before our world was born, there has been another universe, which ended up in ours. If this is true, there might have been a technologically highly developed civilization in this earlier universe. They called themselves the Wieblebubs.

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The Wieblebub legacy

The most valuable treasure of the Wieblebub civilization was the ability purchase loads of knowledge and use it to create innovative technologies. One day, in their process of investigating the world surrounding them, they found out, that their universe will one day cease to exist and end up in a completely new world.

To secure their precious treasure, they started to work on a method fulfilling this purpose. This method were the so called Wieblebub rays. They sent out those rays into every direction of the universe, until the day their civilization found a smooth end and the universe was in the process of ending up in a new one.

As the new universe, our universe, began to exist with the big bang, loads of Wieblebub rays were roaming around in spacetime, moving into every corner of the universe, reaching as well a tiny blue planet in a not very impressive solar system surrounding the center of a pretty normal spiral galaxy. In every second, millions of those Wieblebub rays reach the earth, colliding with the brains of us humans. And those rays trigger something in our brain, letting our neurons connect in a way such that an innovative idea pops up in a moment we never would have expected. And we stand or sit there like “Wow! That could change the world!”.

But most of the time, all that remains is the idea and the action is missing. From the very moment the idea came to our minds, we start to think about the cons. We assume that our knowledge is not sufficient enough to actually realize that idea. We are afraid to talk to anyone about it, because it might get stolen and we would never be able to prove that we were first. We don't know anyone, who would be excited and talented enough to support us. 

This is why we founded Wieblebub. We want to help everyone, who has once been hit by Wieblebub rays, to get rid of these problems and make their idea reality.

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