The Intellectual Property Security Service

Do you possess documents worth of protection?

With IPSS you can store a cryptographical unique identity of your records decentralized with an immutable timestamp to prove your authorship.


Our passion is to optimize the process of securing your sensitive data with the Intellectual Property Security Service for a better innovation process.
 With the certificate with an immutable timestamp and hashvalue you can verify the authorship at any time.

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Encrypted Content

Using cryptographic methods, the actual content of your IP never goes public. However, it can be unambiguously assigned to you as the creator.


Due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain, your IP is provided with an immutable timestamp. This indicates the exact time at which you secured it.

Proof of authorship

Thanks to the IPSS certificate for your intellectual property, you can proof your authorship at any given time.

Saving time and costs

When it comes to securing your intellectual property, IPSS works a lot faster at lower costs compared to other methods.



Get a timestamp for your music, text or art!

Proof that it is yours


Keep your data cryptographically secure 

Legal Tech

Contracts, NDAs or Supplier correspondence. Keep a track of your correspondence

prior Use

Have a proof that you were the first 

How it works


Do you possess documents worth of protection?


Create a cryptographically unique identity 




Store it on the blockchain together with a immutable timestamp.


Get a certificate with a proof of your authorship including a timestamp

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