Intellectual Property Security Service

The trustful way to prove your authorship

Do you possess documents worth of protection?

With IPSS you can store a cryptographical unique identity of your records decentralized with an immutable timestamp to prove your authorship.

IPSS can be bought as Asset Deal


Get a timestamp for your music, text or art!

Proof that it is yours


Keep your data cryptographically secure 

Legal Tech

Contracts, NDAs or Supplier correspondence. Keep a track of your correspondence

prior Use

Have a proof that you were the first inventor.

We use modern encryption systems and blockchain technology to prove authorship of your intellectual property.

A cryptographic fingerprint of your IP is stored on the NEM blockchain, providing it with an immutable timestamp.

Find out more about how it works!


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Our Vision

 Innovation processes need improvement.

This is our purpose. 
This is our goal.
This is the Wieblebub Vision.

Meet The Team

Damian Breu

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Cornelius Schätz

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Vincent Furtwängler

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Paul Hamm

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"Wieblebub and its founders are known to  me since their very beginning. The company's business model,  to protect and secure intellectual property based on blockchain technology is very much forward looking, uncomplicated and cost-effective. It´s a real innovation in this field." - RAE Michaela Braun


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